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If the reader believes it is real

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then Plato would say that person was a child or was just plain dumb:

This is a stupid poem that I wrote as a joke in Lit Crit to get get a kick at Plato but I think it follows this thread as well.

The Ultimate Corruption

In the beginning
there was the idea
and it was perfect.
God said, "let there be bed."
And there was a bed
and it was perfect--
so sad Plato.

And God gave a man bed,
and man made a copy bed,
and it was good--
not perfect.

The man slept in his bed
and he slept restfully.
When man awoke
he made another bed
and give it to his friend.
they slept a peaceful sleep
unlike the rest of man.

When they awoke
he made another bed;
he kept making beds
until half of the world
had beds.
They slept restfully.
Lucifer, the first born angel
looked to Earth
and saw men sleeping in beds,
resting peacefully.

Lucifer was amazed.
He went down to Earth
and studied the bed.
Lucifer then made himself
known to man, as the Poet.
He wrote a poem
about a bed
and poems being easily contrived
he wrote enough
for the second half of man.

The children and those without
the aility of seeing
slept with their poem.
They did not sleep restfully
yet they cleaved to their poems.
And the man who made beds
could not give away another bed.
God saw what Lucifer had done
and went to Earth
and spoke to Lucifer,
"Lucifer, first born angel
what is this, that you have done?"

Lucifer answered, "I have given
Half of man bed."
God was disappointed
and he admonished Lucifer.

Lucifer ignored God
and wrote antoher poem.
This poem was about a table
and he gave it to man
and the children and those
without the ability to see
took the poems and thought

they have tables.
He did the same with a chair
and a home and all things
under the sun.

And when his poems reached
Six, sixty, and six-hundred,
not all of the poems
for no man knows all
about all things
and each man was corrupted.

God was angered
and, again, went to Lucifer
and said, "Lucifer, Firstborn angel,
look and see what you have done.
You have corrupted the whole of man."
God then having no choice
cast Lucifer into the deepest part of hell,
where he writes poems
for all that have been cast there.
So Spake Plato.