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i did an essay on Mimesis and Censorship.... In my analysis, i reckoned that Plato got lost in the three part definition of reality as Ideal, Real, and Unreal, which ended up as Word/Concept, Real, and Word/Representation. I'm doin a dissertation on Mimesis as well now, and I reckon Aristotle has a much better idea of mimesis. I saw you poem as exagerration, it was good, would have liked to see a clearly refutation but that's my taste (ever the acaddemic). so yeah, with plato we have to ask him if there is any real difference between as word as a concept and a word as a signifier.... the former signifies a formal way of cognition, that latter signifies a material way of description... Kant would clearly be used here to show that both are representational, one of the internal ways of thinking, the latter of the external ways of appearing. However, Kant might not like the way we use him here, but, hard luck on Kant. Hmmmmmmm, where were we? :)