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I know people who

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listen to conservative talk shows on the radio like Rush Limbaugh and they seem to genuinely believe that if we don't take out Saddam he will eventually be a much bigger problem. They compare Suddam to Hitler and say that World War II could have been avoided if we would have moved against Hitler early on.
I still think we need to wait, for at least 2 reasons.
(1) Iraq is not a large country. If they start something we can stop them later if necessary. (2) The United Nations isn't unanimous on attacking Iraq. Each country in the UN gets a vote, that what's it's all about, and they didn't all vote the way George W. wanted them to, so he just wants to pull out of the club. But what makes him 100% right? That's my question. You don't see half the country calling Al Gore the President because the vote didn't go his way...