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Thoughts Following Bush's Speech

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To be perfectly honest, I don't know how I feel about what the President said tonight. Up to this point I've been camped out on the anti-war side (and I've still got my feet on that side of the fence), for several reasons:

1. I refuse to believe that this our absolute last and only option.
2. I don't trust the government, especially not now that I've spent the last year and a half being bombasted with terror propaganda everywhere I turn.
3. Going against the vote of the UN is definitely not participating in the world community, which is a huge problem.
4. I think attacking Iraq is treating a symptom rather than the cause...people don't hate the US without a basis; our foreign policy needs serious work.
5. All the reasons any civilized human being (or reasonable facsimile thereof) would be opposed to a war.

However, something Bush said, something about how Iraq may not appear to be much of a threat now, but they will five years down the line made me pause for a minute and think of a statement I made to a coworker today about a health issue: "Why keep suffering through this over and over again when you can nip it in the bud?" Maybe I'm starting to attempt to understand his stance on this war, which I never really took the time to do before. The cold realist that sleeps in me cannot deny the logic.

Politics nauseate me. Politics place people in the most unflattering light imaginable; politics take the stupid, petty little conflicts people have in everyday life and magnify them on a larger scale, turn them into matters of life and death.

The feeling I got most from this speech is that how I feel about this war is irrelevant. And yes, as an American, that pisses me off. It also terrifies me. I felt a real fear watching this, a dread that may be similar to that felt by a pilot when his plane nosedives and he watches the ground come closer and closer to his face. This is going to happen whether it is wanted or not. And it will continue to happen -- war will continue to happen -- until people learn how to respect each other, how to love their brother, how to defeat their own greed, how to just get the fuck along. And, with the possible exception of a few, we as a species have not yet evolved to that point.

So what are your thoughts?