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didn't say that you agreed with him. Your statement is clear. My opinion simply is

Don't believe the hype.

if you watch that damn box long enough you'll begin to believe anything. That's it's job. And Bush's job on that box is to convince the weak minded that what he's doing is just. DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING.

i do hold bush (and all his gun toting buddies) accountable as i hold hussain (and all his gun toting buddies) accountable. they're ALL the problem.

If bush was to be ridding the world of possible future threats. there are DOZENS of countries he'd be going after. But this is an old vendetta.

Speacking of nipping in the bud, eliminating a problem before it occurs... I might smoke some pot one day, I'm not doing it today, but I might in the future. Should I get locked up in jail now to save all the fuss?
That is speculation. That is unjust.

And as much as you don't want him to be he IS your president. As Jean Cretien is my Prime Minister. And no, i didn't vote for him either.

I believe we're both on the same side of the fence when we say we don't want war, right? So that's what it comes down to.