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I don't think it is simply a case of Bush being after the oil. Yes, we all know the US sucks it up like nobody's business, and depending on who you believe, pretty much everybody agrees - there is somewhere between 20-50 years of oil left in the world (my personal belief is closer to 20). But I really don't think that's it. If Bush wanted the oil, he could just push to lift the sanctions. But guess what? The other oil-producing Middle East countries, regardless of what they say to media, want the sanctions. It keeps oil prices elevated, and besides the rhetoric, they don't really give a damn about Saddam or Iraqis. the people care for their Muslim brothers & sisters, but the sheiks, sultanates & royalty don't. They care about their economies.

I think Bush truly believes Saddam must be taken out. I think he truly believes he is linked to terrorism. Hell, so do I, for that matter. Unless I'm prepared to disbelieve everything I read and hear, which I'm not, I believe Saddam was involved training terrorists before 9-11, and is moreso involved now. I believe he is linked to Al Quaeda. I don't really understand why so many people find this hard to believe, and where they are getting their facts from.

Nonetheless, I don't think this is a reason to attack Iraq, and I remain against that option. Too many civilians in the way - too much collateral damage. Plus the world is against it. But it is not about oil, and by zeroing in on that, we are denying ourselves the full picture.