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Balls of Titanium

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This war scares the sit out of me.
So I guess I don't have balls of titanium like Bush.

I'm 40, and can't ever remember being this rattled by any other circumstance we've faced as a country.

I hear what you're saying about cold, hard logic making sense.

But I can't shake the feeling that...
...we DON'T HAVE to do this right now.
...innocents DON'T HAVE to die right now.
...19 yr. old US troops DON'T HAVE to die right now.

I don't think Bush ever intended to resolve this diplomatically. I think the only option he gave Colin Powell to offer the allies is "my way or the highway." So all that effort simply managed to piss everybody off.

I've heard pundits ridicule Bush's democratic Iraq being "a beacon of security to the region" as a pipedream. (Only reason Kurds and Shiites and Sunis are under one regime now is because it is under a dictatorship).

We're ramping up the level of hate and scorn the world has for the U.S. We're being labeled hippocrits for initiating armed conflict in the region, while for all practical purposes, this administration has all but ignored the Isreal/Palestine situation.

The potential for extreme backlash against us is HUGE.

Sadaam IS bad.
The weapons (which probably do exist) ARE bad.
There are other bad rulers in the world.
There are other countries w/ awful weapons (N. Korea).

We DON'T HAVE to do this.
There ARE options... or there were.

And we're being sold 1,000 points of light (revisited). Break out the big boy toys for God, Mother and Apple pie.

No, I don't have balls of titanium.
This just sucks.