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America has been hijacked by a small cabal of neoconservative busisnessmen who stand to profit hugely from this war and subsequent "preemptive actions". The sacrosanct "American people" will bear the burden of this greed-driven folly: by having domestic spending on such frivolities as health care, education, the arts, poverty-relief efforts, infrastructure cut Cut CUT; by enduring the increased enmity and terrorist hatred of extreme Islamic groups worldwide; by giving up civil liberties in the inevitable "crackdown" on "terroists" within the borders.

This is folly and horror, this is a war crime in the making (gee, no wonder the Bushies refused to back the idea of a World Court).

This is Birdbrain! Let me get this straight: we will ignore the United Nations in order to keep the United Nations relevant. We will start a massive war in order to "keep the peace".

Birdbrain rules the world!

On top of everything, the idea of America having the "right" to wage preemptive is appalling and can only result in worldwide warfare. America's corporate gladiators wielding "weapons of mass destruction" means the end of international global cooperation and drains the last vestige of goodwill from America's parched reservoir.

Note, to Illuminara: you invoked the example of the Soviet Union and the fall of communism. The difference is that THAT particular "battle" was won by stalemate;, by NOT going to war. THIS war shreds any sense of peaceful containment and is essentially a Pandora's Box. Once the lid is cracked, the inferno will spill into the streets and war ravage the planet.

Birdbrain runs the Pentagon his brother runs the CIA! Fatass bucks!