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The Currency of Fear

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Bush's package of irrational urgency being sold to Americans is nothing more than fear.

It's rather disgusting that he's taking advantage of 9/11 emotions to sell HIS war.

Bush NEVER intended for diplomatic to succeed.
A coalition COULD HAVE been built w/ enough teeth to get the job done. Applying relentless diplomatic pressure w/ all our allies in tow could have gotten the job done. Three or six more months would not make any difference whatsoever. But Bush has been as arrogant as he is inflexible... and has isolated the US from the rest of the world diplomatic community.

This is an irresponsible and unacceptably high risk.
Sadaam is not a global threat. Even with more time to build a coalition, Sadaam is not going to attack anyone.

I think the "war on terror" had bogged down so badly, and with results so intangible, that Bush felt he needed this war as a more demonstrative demonstration of his efforts and effectiveness.

So what if Sadaam slips away in the night?
So what if we never find these weapons?
So what if our puppet government is a dismal failure and fosters even more resentment of the US throughout the Middle East?
So what if this futhers stalls and incenses Isreali / Palestinian negotiations?
So what if we kill 5,000 innocents? An eye for an eye?

Only fear can sell this fuzzy logic.
This action, at this time, is not worth these enormous risks.

I think people down the road will say, "there's another leader so caught up in his own righteousness, that he couldn't see the horror."