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option # 1 - don't take him out. let him age and die, and hope someone better takes his spot

option # 2 - don't take him out. trade sanction-lifting for monitorable acts of good will towards his people

option # 3 - don't take him out. go in from the north and establish a kurdish nation. go in from the south and establish a shi'ite nation. defend them both. saddam wilts away and dies

option # 4 - don't take him out. go in and take control of that big stinking oil field. use the profits to buy off the turks so the kurds can have their own nation. help defend them until saddam dies away

option # 5 - long term covert planning. means you have to wait 3 years at least, get your operatives or recruit them, and get them in a position where they can take saddam out. they'd have to be iraqis, so you would be sending him on a suicide mission. promise to establish his family in a country of his choice with guaranteed lifetime income

option # 5 - double, triple, quadruple the amount of UN inspectors. give them more time. listen to the rest of the world

Each option DOES NOT involve sacrificing innocent people for a war nobody wants, and have equal chance of achieving the aim as the Bush option.

I'm not saying these are not without their own faults, but you assume there is no other option, when in fact, the options are only bounded by our (and your) imagination.

I'm here right now. Are you aware of how many of us over here don't want to have anything to do with this nonsense? Awfully nice for you to sit safe and smug with your slippers and bathrobe on, offering up our lives because you opt for the simple solution. KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. ME KILLERRRRRRR. Put another log on the fire, killer. And turn the heat up. Make yourself comfortable. And don't give me any crap about that's what I signed up for. Most did NOT sign up for this nonsense.