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how perfectly hostile of you

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To presume to know what I or everyone else thinks, to assume that there is no one supporting the troops, supporting the decision of the President to disarm Saddam. Have you polled the nation?...a war nobody wants...nobody want war. Who glorifies war? Who is really bloodthirsty...have you polled and found answers?

"I'm not saying these are not without their own faults, but you assume there is no other option, when in fact, the options are only bounded by our (and your) imagination."

No, our options are not unlimited, unbound by our imagination...they are bound by the reality that Saddam does not wish to cooperate, and clearly doesn't intend on cooperating. The world will not cooperate with the mere wish of diplomacy and peaceful "alternatives" that exist in our perfectly ordered reality. Other nations have their own methods.

It's a very strange thing for you to be in the defensive service of America and to have such an attitude, your mentality makes no sense to me. I don't understand it. In fact, I never asked people like you to defend my country, you with your resentment and bitter morale. I imagined it was those who love their country and support the best intensions of the President. Guess I'm ignorant. Are you unable or just unwilling to request leave? The loss of your life (were you to battle) would do no honor to me or rouse a thankful pride for country...for you'd pass over without honor and a wasted sacrifice.