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gotta seperate opinions from fact

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Well these weren't statements of fact. I DID say it depended upon what you choose to believe. And if you think I'm the type of guy who believes everything I read, then you've got the wrong idea of me and probably haven't paid attention to any of my posts. I believe very little of what I read, including the alternative media.

You appear to be under the mistaken opinion that I am for this war. This is not the case at all. I abhor what he is about to do. But yes, I do believe there are terrorist camps in Iraq training Al Qaeda. Why? because it makes sense. Pakistan is becoming increasingly hostile to them. So much so that they are willing to sneak back into Afghanistan. Others have spread out to Africa, and cells exist all through the Middle East. There are currently terrorist training camps and cells of various sizes in Iraq, Syria, a couple African countries I can't nail down right now, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and some say Iran, and probably many other countries. These facts are captured in textbooks, minutes from SAARC and ASEAN meetings, and local newspapers throughout Asia. Certainly these are not all Al Qaeda, but why do you think they wouldn't be connected? Al Qaeda is the most organized terrorist group in the world right now. They don't just get born trained. So where would they train? They would go to the path of least resistance, where it would be easiest to do so. So for right now that rules out Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and all Middle East countries except Iran, Iraq, & Syria. So the possibilities are Cambodia, Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, & Africa. I discount Iran, because they have nothing to gain to support this type of thing, and also Malaysia because it looks like they're clamping down. Cambodia's camps are spartan affairs, I think, so that leave Iraq, Syria & Africa. Africa is quite hot right now, so take your pick. Where do you think they are training?

This is all personal conjecture, based on varied sources, some guessing, and some deduction. I do not bring intelligence into the discussion, because I can't share it, and at any rate, I'm not all that confident in its accuracy. So please don't compare me to Rumsfeld and his logic, it's simply not fair. Just because I don't post a rambling essay every time I state an opinion or belief, it doesn't mean I see it on CNN.

I did say if you don't believe this, don't go further, didn't I? :)