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unglue yer eyes, Carmen

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OK, you have stated that one must poll the nation to have a feel for whether war is desired. I thought ALL nations were polled....oh yeah, the US pulled out when it became obvious they would lose that poll. Maybe they should have let the UN vote go ahead...they could have appealed to the Supreme Court and won that way.

Our options are NOT bound by Saddam, he is half of it. The other half is US. You make the wrong assumption that he MUST go, when that clearly isn't the case. That is only the opinion of a minority of the globe.

My mentality is in the majority where I am Carmen. If it makes no sense to you, maybe it is time to be a bit more objective and introspective. My morale is fine, as fine as anyone's can be without having seen his wife or kids since August. And my resentment is against a country who refuses to play by the rules of the world. Yes, I resent it when a country decides it is going to become the World's Police Force. Yes I resent it when a country acts aggressively and risks lives when it is not the last resort. I'd put my fucking life and honour on the line to do what my country ordered me to do, and I'd do my best. That's what I signed up for. But I did not sign up to blindly agree with my leaders' decisions.

I should state I am Canadian, and have already been told we are not participating in the attack. This doesn't change the increased threat in the region, nor my sympathy for my American brothers and sisters just a few nautical miles away.

I will resist the obvious retort to your second last sentence. Some things are just too easy.