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yeah, well

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we'll just overlook the fact that Saddam himself said recently that he had weapons of mass destruction, but...oh...doesn't anymore. Okay, uh huh.

I am not saying that the war is the ultimate right thing to do, I'm not even saying that Bush is handling this perfectly or that he has convincingly made a 100% bullet-proof argument for war or that he's steered it properly...but I am saying that reality limits choice. And the choice has been made and is what it is today and we cannot know for sure what the final outcome of peace or force would have been or will be. But there are actions that are made in light of more than just a threat to us. And what of world policing? And what of setting precedent? What will this tell the world, what will become of our nation and the terrorist threats after our actions? What was it before, the threat of agression? No less then than it would be after. The world is a vicious place, not a sing-song-happy-join-hands-hippy-commune where peace is on everyone's mind and everyone has the same desire for freedom and individualism. Rules of the world...what are the rules of the world, someone please tell me, cause apparently everyone has their different rules and their own agendas and vested interests that may not be popular to their neighbors.

Everyone blames everyone else where agreement fails. But let us not forget that all have their motives...and what is evil, what is good? We stand for freedom, we stand for choice, we've been that light (despite the criticism) to those other nations under dark oppression. But America is not what it was before or during the Cold War. It is not what it was a decade ago. But my fear is in what it is becoming... open to all intrusions on decency and morality from within as well as without... open to diseases and dissolution crossing the borders, even open to laying the knife to its own wrist to bleed correctness and compassion till there is no blood left to pump the pummled heart.

I'm signing off today...may we all find our own way in these dark times