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That hurt a little

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I re-read both my post to this thread and am rather surprised / assmused at what emotional outbursts they became. Spoken from the heart and the gut, maybe not the head.

I am new to this board, and in fact have never participated in any on-line forum in 5 some odd years of being connected to the net. I usually keep my opinions to myself and am not particularly argumentative. So I’m a little surprised easy it is to "unload" a rant, especially hidden behind a screen name / identity.

It’s acutally pretty refreshing. Like "Wow, I can’t believe a just wore my heart on my sleeve and put it up there for everyone to read. That’s kind of cool. I feel better!"

On the other hand, I’ve read some extremely heated threats that do indeed become very personal, very quickly. I’ve read the posts from the staff that remind us that we are communicating with real people with real feelings, and not just screen personnas.

That being said, I believe my post in this thread were emotionally charged, but not with the intent to take anyone personally to task.

So Illuminara. You say to me "You are ignorant and it's a waste of time talking with you."

Wow, that hurts a little.