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I know that I am mostly hated on these boards because of what I believe, because I dare go against the liberal river of Bush-hating, America-hating positions (and some are ignorant of their attitudes, thinking they are being "sensitive" and "compassionate"). And I am almost nearly quite alone here. I too hurt, but it is not necessarily when someone calls me a "killer" and slanders me with all other means of dismissal and invalidation to forgive their lack of reason. I hurt when I see ignorance and a complete lack of sensibility run amuck on the boards, and not only here but in my daily life as well, in my community, my county, my state. I hurt when I see those lost in their misinformed or ungrounded convictions attacking those things that America is, and those who try to protect what it stands for, and those who've died in the past for its sake. I hurt when I read how human shields over in Iraq, westerners, are there (a waste of life) and finally realizing that it is not what they thought, that it is not all as black and white as their presumptions supposed it to be, that existing under a totalitarian regime is not all its cracked up to be. Many have left in their disillusion, and it hurts that they can't understand, they are unwilling to see, that the peace they are shielding for is the same peace that Bush is striving to accomplish...the same peace that we know that only came about by the costs, the sorrows, of war. I hurt to see a people, Americans, so opposed to their own citizenship, claiming they are ashamed to be what they are...for them, I am ashamed.

So, you will find, my sensitive friend, that this board is likely the hardest place of all to touches at the hearts of men and women much akin to the depths of religion. Politics, they really do suck, they twist the emotions because we are talking about the state, the quality of our existence so far as it depends on government. But I'm sure I needn't preach all this to you.

You hurt....join the crowd of all of us whose nerves are on edge at this time. But I will tell you what I think if you choose to be blind to history and what it has to teach, what it has taught. I don't like ignorant comments that sting like sawdust in the eyes, therefore, I will react. I've enough tears already streaming down my face, as hard as I am, as thick-skinned as I must be, here.