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no, in fact

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I have not seen any peace marches among muslim _fundamentalists_. But what about the hatred spewing the other direction, i.e. Michael Savage, Ann Coulter and their ilk? Should we judge other countries based on their most extreme elements? What about those in the middle, who would like to just live their lives in relative peace and quiet? There are moderates in America, in Israel, in Palestine, in Iraq, in every country in the world, people of different beliefs living together. Drive down Devon Ave in Chicago and go from Hindu to Muslim to Jew living side by side. Why must our agendas be driven by the extremists? Is combatting hatred with hatred, war with war people dying, really the best solution?
I really don't know. You have the example of Gandhi and MLK, which would seem to be an example of love triumphing over hatred, but you also have the example of the Dalai Lama and Tibet, 50 years of passive resistance and Tibet grows closer to cultural extinction every day.