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The US will use DU shells in battle !!

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Thousands of e-mail users in Iraq are now also receiving anonymous messages in Arabic outlining the medical treatment to be given in the event of chemical or biological attack. The e-mails don't suggest who might use these weapons of mass destruction, nor who might have sent the messages. The few Europeans left here suspect this could be a US military Psyops job, another attempt to throw panic into a civilian population which suddenly realises how terrifying the coming days will be.

Oddly, the e-mails did not mention something the Americans might prefer to hide from both Iraqis and their 'allies' in the West - that they fully intend to use depleted uranium (DU) ammunition in the coming conflict. Tens of thousands of Gulf War Syndrome sufferers and a growing number of medical scholars believe the aerosol spray released by these armour-piercing rounds have caused plagues of cancers , especially in the area around Basra where they were used 12 years ago.

Now, however - in remarks virtually ignored outside Kuwait - General Buford Blount of the US 3rd Infantry Division has admitted frankly that his men would again be using DU shells in battle in Iraq. "If we receive the order to attack, final preparations will only take a few days," he said. "We have already begun to unwrap our depleted uranium anti-tank shells."

The Times

Once again well done lads, God may have blessed America but it certainly wasn't with brains.