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i hope you were playing devil's advocate

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otherwise i'm saddened to see someone who is apparently one of the more respected members of this ramshackle www community, express such terrible sentiments...yes i've seen peace marches amongst the indian muslims, egypt, pakistan, turkey...or are they not fundamentaly muslim, because they are either, minority, african or moderately westernized?

well then if that's the case i guess it can't be a holy war considering britain and the usa are barely religious let alone christian

you have to remember, that many in the asian countries have family or friends now living in britain or the usa, the largest non-white group in britain, is of middle-eastern variants.

of course YOU'VE never seen anything other than hatred towards america, you're press is a disgrace, our's is barely better, but it as at least open enough to see a glimpse of the truth if you look.

and i ask you, other than republicans, conservatives, capitalists, oil-tycoons...what white person from overseas has displayed anything other than hatred towards america?

i live twenty miles away from a huge nuclear base, on the bank of scotland's biggest river. forgive me if hearing bush talk of the need to rid the world of other people arsenal doesn't wash with me, when i know that the catalyst for the agonising end to the world is so close to my own home, operated by britons in league with think something that horriffic exists in scotland makes me terrified of what glass the US is placing on the edge of a rickety table...i HATE america, i HATE britain, I hate bush, i hate blair, i hate saddam, i hate sharon, i hate putin...

it is the mafioso, taking care of buisiness, while stupid kids run around in the streets full of awe for whichever senseless, pointless, corrupt, facistic, murderous buisinessman is running the particular street that kid was irrelevantly born in.

like i say, i hope you're playing devil's advocate, otherwise, what a waste of a hand to write with, give it to a cripple, i'm sure they'd put it to better use