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Learned (and all others....)

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That post was based upon a little rag I read yesterday, whose title/author i do not have here right now, and I was curious as to how many aout here felt about the writer's train of thought.

This guy was a dooms-day machine speaking about the historical connection of nobody recognizing the danger of hitler back in the 30's, and he was linking that with saddam.

The writer expressed concern about the thrust of the fundamentalist muslims and how they have been brainwashed into believing that america and israel (and their allies) will be their targets for years to come, even more so after the pending war.

Be assured that i am not a warmonger, but listening to both sides of the problem does instill one with where both sides are. I prefer the middle as it affords a more even view of both. Unfortunately most are not of this persuasion.