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last cigars of baghdad

Posted to Poetry and Politics

woke up to the late fog and rain

yelling voices of America on the sidewalks below

I strapped on my jogging shoes

greasy hair and refugee eyes in the mirror

i see the airfields scattered with creeping jets

painted missles shine in sun

each bullet naps in a shiny new gun

here and safe in America

some soldiers share a last cigar
with their last dumb moments
kids play and dream on tank filled streets
sun gives a last benevolent ray
to their upturned faces
and knows all too well
what she'll rise on soon enough
but she's
seen it all before
burning gutted streets
wandering bewildered civilians
in their last strange hours of pain
smoke and ashes blood
bullet casings riddled bodies
bits of bone and metal
sleeping in the dust and dirt
emaciated shriveled corpses of starving kids
that starve no more
playgrounds ripped and twisted
flames rising in the dawn
crying and hating
shattered skulls and the smell
of burning bodies rising in the morning
flags being raised
cries of lust and terror
American flags waving free in the sun

nothing to do but run.