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1) Saddam's presence on the earth is a curse.
2) I do not hate Iraq
3) Yes, there is some anger, or at least frustration, but
the American opposition is Not just "post-election sour
4) Applying the threat of force to resume the weapons
inspections was correct, but then how long did Bush give
that process? Ten or twelve weeks? Requiring Saddam
to disarm makes a hell of a lot of sense, but this
specific demand, tied to some sort of schedule, was only
just made late last year, wasn't it?
5) All countries and all people should have a right to
dissent. Everyone has interests, the U.S. included
6) If this policy is about exterminating tyrants, then who
in a long line of them is next, and how can we afford it?

Actually, I'm sure you've probably done a lot more research
on this than I have, so I can always stand to learn
something. But these are some of the questions I keep
coming back to.