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so what if...

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" It's time for America to flex it's muscles and stand up for American corporate and oil interests. . so what that hundreds of thousands of civilians have and will die as a result of the first gulf war and UN sanctions .'s about America, it's about Shock and Awe...yes the world is falling apart...more than usual. It's about money. It's about power. It's about the world being at Peak Oil using billions of barrels everyday. "

I'm sorry, did I miss the arrival and departure of the Kingdom of God...the new Jerusalem...Zion...the Garden of Eden renewed? In essence, did I miss the passing through of Heaven on Earth. Oh yes, you see, the world is falling apart in the minds of those who ever believed that it was civil, fair, moral and ethical in the first place, that the urge for survival and greed were nonexistent in other countries as well as our own, that, God forbid, another nation should covet what they don't have that belongs to their neighbors. But let's not discuss the concept of globalism and a free trade system as an existing and mostly functioning option) Does this make it right? Hell no, it is not right...but I'd much rather live with the truth that the world has always been and will ever be "screwed up" than to imagine that just now, suddenly during these times with the arrival of "Madman Bush", the world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Wake up, this is hell...and hell can sometimes posses inexplicable ugliness alongside baffling beauty; and therein is the heartbreaking crime of existence.