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Illuminara: A Backhanded Appreciation of Sorts

Posted to Poetry and Politics

I know you and Ironhands take a lot of shit on this board for your respective takes on things.

While I rarely agree with you and someimes I think you're just flat out wrong, I do think you're right about a one or two things, (or you're hearts in the right place, at least) but more importantly I believe in the marketplace of ideas. There's nothing sadder than those who choose to surround themselves with a bunch of like-minded sychophants who wrap themselves so comfortably in the smugness of their unchallenged opinions that they forget it's a big world out there and not everybody thinks the way they do, nor should that even be desirable.

I might not agree with you, but I'd like the think I have an open mind and that beyond a few basics, none of my opinions are so set in stone that a new, better idea could not sway me.

I honestly to take what you and Ironhands say into serious consideration and weigh them against what I already believe. You haven't managed to sway me yet but considering the tack many people take in debate, I appreciate the way you attack the idea and not the person behind the idea.

What I'm saying is is that I'm glad you're here to challenge the status quo even when I think you're off your rocker and I'm sure a bunch of others are as well. Anyways, you stick around here long enough and we'll bring you around to right-think ;)

Keep on keepin' on like a bird that flew.

Peace, love and nappiness, yo.

-A fool on a hill.