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september eleventh 2001 I was in a little mom and pop grocery store in rural virginia about 500 miles from ny city. it was about an hour after the collapse of the world trade center, i watched the video of the bodies falling and went back home, at that time I had a musican friend sleeping on my couch, when he got up around 2pm i did not tell him about it, somehow i wanted to spare him, he did have to know about it to have it happen for him, about four pm rick came by and told him about it and steve was kind of pissed at me for not telling him the news.
March nineteenth I spent 8 hours listening to and watching occaisonaly cnn news on the tv down at the truck stop where I work. went home at midnight not really knowing if peace had broke out.
March 20 2003 so finally I go to the washington post website and find out what happened, so now I know it has happened for me, my ignorant bliss is over. now what do I do? just a rhetorical question. cause I got a can of gas and I am thinking about getting on a plane and sitting down in the street and becoming a crispy critter, i think i will just go crazy instead.