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my first reaction when I saw my name in blue neon lights out alone on this board was that I was finally next in line in the roll call for hanging (or the guillotine..oui!). Whew...I'm still alive and kickin.

Truth be told, I come here for the abuse (perhaps unconsciously, or sadistically) because I must believe that one cannot know their own convictions unless they are observed floating apart in the usual river of it hostile or friendly waters. I do not claim to know it all, in fact, I am more likely to claim ignorance (which is seldom seen, I know...but hey, one must have their minutia of pride) than I am to be pretentiously pedantic. But I know sometimes my responses cannot avoid this. Or, the usual scenario, I am bestowed with the tin foil crown of ignorance by another. Somehow, the one-size-fits-all tiara never quite fits.

As for swaying opinions. What can I say? I have my own, and I will share that. Whether or not it does any good to try to convince another that their way of seeing things is so unlike the way I see things that they should think as I do, well, I must confess I hold little faith that conversion is possible. If a person's way of thinking is changed, it will most likely be through another's example (at least that's the pudding proof that I believe) exhibited in behavior and attitude. I could post all day and spew my comments till people retch on their keyboards in nausea...and likewise I could read all day till I develop migraines. But in the end, the true seeker of "right and wrong" will test the scales for themselves against the facts they worked long and hard to acquire.

In regards this Iraq be entirely honest (and in no effort to save a pretentious face), this war is a baffle. There are pieces of the puzzle missing, people who do not understand what is going on...what happened between 9-11 and now and how Saddam is tied to it, in what possible way, why? It is all quite overwhelming, to be frank. Do I agree with everything about how this war and the build up to it was handled? No. Do I support the troops and the President's decisions as they find us in the predicament we are in now? Yes, I will and I do. Is it because I am being blind? No. It is in my heart to stand for the people who are risking their lives for the country, and to me, that is supporting America in the best way I can right now with the knowledge I have (and that will ever be evolving) and the means known to me.

Am I out to change people's minds? The world would be very nonthreatening place if all believed as I do. However, that would be dreadfully boring and uneventful, unfruitful world. The best I can do is hope to offer some challenging perspectives or questions. It is often enough to just cause someone to think. Some may say I fail, miserably. So what. This is not about you, people, this is about me and my search for meaning...and I'm entitled to it just as much as you are. We pick and choose what works for our personal paradigm.

Oh, and, as for bringing me around to right-think...I'm afraid it would never happen. I'll be off somewhere whipping up some unadulterated rhetoric of my own...
; )

oh, look...I've written another novel!

thank you for the respectful slap of honesty,