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you can try passing the word, but it is probably not going to matter much if not stamped by my notary. No, save your breath.

No, I can't say that I honestly believe many people enjoy arguing with me. Have we really argued? I can't recall. Actually, it would be much better if you all resented or despised me, then it would make my isolation a lot easier.

Your inability to sway my opinion is not a reflection on you, but on myself. And it is a positive one.You see, I must convince myself through education and research and then the application of reason before I will adopt it as part of my ideology. Just because I don't say, "hey Knip, you know, you just nipped it in the bud for me...I see clearly now" does not mean that I don't consider what's being said. The results of this come on my terms and not yours. I like to try to think (contrary to what most of you might believe) on things.

"Will you at least admit that supporting Bush and the war is a separate issue? That it is possible to support the troops while being against the war?"

Would you prefer that I answer you in the affirmative so as to please you rather than be convinced of it myself? Yes, that would make you look good. I can do that, but it will not be honest because there is still too much to resolve in my own mind to put it this simply. Go ahead and say I am incriminating myself with that last statement, but hell, as though I need to stand in trial and jury to anyone but myself. So, I have to be convinced of it, and I am still in the process of doing this. So thank you for being so concerned about my patriotic salvation, but I think I'll remain a Philistine for the moment. You'll just have to tolerate my impurity.