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my opinion?

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about the Bush thing? My reason says that he needs to be separated because those wishing me to do so think him a "madman" and dislike him extremely (to put it simply) and wish me to hate like they do. I won't do it. It's not all so easy as one man or one administration wrecking the day for the world because of their choices. History has many synthetic levels of cause and effect...thesis vs antithesis (and no, I'm not much of a Hegelian). So I am not going to say all the error resides on one man. We must be smarter than that and look at a larger picture...which is why I get so overwhelmed. Where do you start? Do you go back to the beginning of time to find the root. Ugh.

No, you didn't necessarily misread my poem. A poem, like history, can have many layers of meaning as well. But I was posing a question within it. You may not want to bother replying to that particular one because it is really not very refined and has some errors, unless you have suggestions. Zlatko was right in that it needs some editing, a good deal, in fact. Honored? I must really come off as a stiff-ass...don't mean to be. I just don't usually reply simply for the sake of replying...not very polite that way.

"Do not know if we have argued but I sometimes think you stress physical anthropology and genetics over cultural anthro. culture is something extro-biological that evolves also."

Come again? I see, you think I place the genetic make-up of chickens as mere food products above their bio-sociological influence on the world, namely, with bleeding-heart animal activists gone mad. Don't get me wrong, I love animals, I just also enjoy some of them as a food source. The world seems to be programmed that way (there I go again). So it's man's animal nature vs. the divine potentials of the evolving human spirit. But are we really evolving? Maybe we're just developing more elaborate masks of civility to hide the monster within. A year ago I would have squawked over the idea that man is basically driven by his base desires that are inherent to those animal instincts that all other animals practice, ie. survival, defense, consumption, instinct. Culture....I am really struggling with this question right now. Mankind obviously has something distinct from the animals in his ability to rise above the empirical and towards an ideal. If you are a believer in the Bible, man's made in God's image. This is a marvelous and awe-inspiring thing. But there are also cravings and biological-wirings that are akin to the animals, ie. sex, procreation, hunting, survival, that we cannot escape from. And the Bible also has something to say on that, that the body of flesh and the renewed divine mental spirit are at constant war with each other (see Romans).

Good point, thunder. I intend on pondering it further. Please do respond whenever you see evidence of this on the boards and we can conjecture together.