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Recently, on the utterances board I think, in a differant thread you spoke about how Kerouac saw the coming of, and despised the haters. I believe you were right about that, but I think what you are unaware of is the fact that you are very representative of these haters. You attack people, you bicker, you bitch, you whine and you moan, you are extremely negative and in my view that makes you a hater.
Unfortunately I think this post is going to be wasted on you as I think you are extremely politically naive. Your head is easily turned by paranoid conspiracy theories and your arguments are very weak and based on little or no knowledge of the subject at hand.
That is ok, that is your perogative, and I support your right to be an asshole but what you have to realise is that other people have the right to have opinions to without some bitter twisted hater dogging them around. That is what is known as free speech, that is what is known as democracy, that is what we, wether we support war or peace, are supposed to be fighting for. Your behaviour undermines your own ideals.
I believe that, in your child like mind, you are in love with the conflict and the idea of protesting, this is what fuels you as a hater, and this is exactly what Jack was talking about when he spoke out against hippies and peaceniks. He wasn't speaking out about their ideals but about people like you that, as representatives of these people, polluted the visions and dreams of the movements.
What I am trying to say to you is give other people a chance to have an opinion, stop being negative and hateful all the time, and, if you believe in your issues so much, as you are always trying to convince people you do, why don't you, instead of whining like a child at litkicks, actually go out and do something about it. A sit down protest in your garden won't change the world. Why not put actions where your mouth is, maybe go to Iraq and protest there for example? (it's not as far from you as you would have some believe).
If you did that then maybe I and others might have a little bit more respect for you than we do when all we see is a moaning, petulant child who is incapable of debate and only capable of annoying others.