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Poetic Editorial #1

Posted to Poetry and Politics

The smoke is still drifting and we install our governors
Pontius pontius pontius pilate propped on centurions
I never could keep the words sanguine and sanguinary straight
In my mind, but I know one means complacent and satisfied
And confident, replete and one means accompanied by blood.

Army engineers trying to bridge the Divine with newspeak like
“pre-emptive war” instead of the more descriptive, “bald aggression and neo-colonialism.” Americans should be for this war because they will benefit as the lucre flows back to
Rome and the slaves and the nubian women and the casks of
desert fragrance, rare carpets and artisans in chains.

Our centurians pat their pockets and feel the salary of natrium
They imagine themselves on Reality TV
Sad brainwashed children paying for a chance at stardom
With their sweat and blood and gullibility. The Borg naïve.

Do we think they are shooting chocolates from those guns?
There are no troops massed on our borders but a sickly
And contrived fear from within. The war profiteers are grinning.
The stock market is optimistic and why shouldn’t it be? Cash is
Paper and confidence. War is good for business—let’s start one.