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A Rerun of Propaganda Films and Firms (Same War different day)

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Remember when we saw the same staged events with the only true precision weapons being an immense marketing campaign complete with focus groups and million dollar public relations firms hired to market the first war? Now we are seeing the same old films and no one is pointing out that they proved that, that was all propaganda and probably not even true. Remember when we found out that the Smart bombs were really dumb?

We can write letters, but let's face it, the only people that our government is listening to, are a few representative samplings of the general population in little rooms with pencil necked geeks with little clipboards and computers, and each one of those cross samplings is supposed to represent tens of thousands of us.

I used to conduct focus groups and I know how they are coming about these polling numbers and how they skewer results and the supposed representative viewpoints all of us.

We all piss and moan; and the media and the Pentagon continues to pull old tapes and old weapons and try out new technology and this HAS all been said and done before.