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Peace...a few thoughts

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Peace is such an illusive 'thing' and so hard to find in this, our violent universe. Violence is the birth of a star, the crashing of meteors into planets, and on our own fragile planet, birthed from violent events, the laws of nature are in effect and they too are violent. Predators and prey, you cannot stop the stronger killing and using the weaker for it's own benefit. It is a balance beyond the understanding of our minds and logic. We have hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes which wipe out millions and this is natural, is nature. The lynx kills the bunny, the tiger kills the zebra and all is as it should be. This is nature and human nature is no different, no less violent than the rest of the universe. True peace is not found in the outside...true peace comes from within. It is found inside oneself with the knowledge that all the dualities that exisit are a part of the whole, are necessary and that death is nothing to fear but just a continuation of the cycle of nature. When you find your inner peace then you become an observer, a listener, knowing that all that happens around you is working out as it should.