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okay, terrific

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i apologize if my comment made you feel on the spot.
was just curious about what you meant, because of my familiarity w/ the bible, and you clarified it nicely. i appreciate it.

"Okay...that's long-winded again, but in trying to explain my comment, this is the best I could do since I have to run to work."

what? you couldn't do any better than that in five minutes?

i appreciate your thorough explanation, which was pretty accurate i might add. romans is not an easy book to understand for many. didn't know you had such knowledge tucked away. it's refreshing to read.

i look forward to future discussions w/ you of this nature.

enjoy your day at work!


ps: i am still working on my lit rag. i've changed it around so much my head is spinning. i took a break from it for awhile, but now i've come up w/ a clearer production concept (bigger - including most, if not all, of the pieces people sent me - in a booklet form) and just have to start working it out on the computer. i will keep you posted, just don't hold your breath!