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is an interesting word. Each uses their own definition of it to support whatever point they're trying to make, and although unintentionally I'm sure, I don't think you're any different, LRod. Not saying you're wrong or right, but the Oxford Concise definition doesn't really apply.

To add to the confusion, many add adjectives to the word. Economic terrorism. Environmental terrorism. Psychological terrorism. Each version is just an attempt to make the listener/reader believe that their cause is really, really, really important because, hey, it's terrorism, isn't it? It must be really bad.

But what is really neat to listen to is academia talking about the causes of terrorism. Again, these guys and gals shape the argument to suit their own discipline. I was at university during 9-11, and I went to every single speaking engagement, every discussion group, every lecture on the topic. I saw economics professors and political scientists throwing the insults back anbd forth as if they were on a litkicks flames board.

The word terrorism is being marketed as we speak by everybody. I don't know what that means, if it's good, if it's bad, it's a word, eh? But one man's terrorism is another man's defence.

Hell....I consider religion terrorism.......I'm not immune.