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that's the thing. How much of that are you going to hear about?

all those unfounded rhetorical would be humorous if it weren't so tragic just how inflated these unfactual statements become...and they are passed around and spread like a plague into easily impressionable minds. It is is a mania that is perpetuated to resolve fear with hate. And it is emotionally, not rationally, charged. Sooner or later you find yourself hating your country, hating the government, hating yourself for being tied indirectly or directly to it all.

Yes, I heard the message passed from Powell to Bush that such support has been garnered, given. That is encouraging.

Iron, if it turns out that mass quantities of WMPs and biological/chemical weapons are found...this will still not justify anything in the minds of people against the war. Perhaps it was how it was approached more so than the impetus. Right?