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theres a similar movement that dismisses the holocaust
as propaganda.

i say "similar" because they share the same disinterest
in factual evidence and rely on dismissive claims
of propaganda.

its tiring because theres no way to argue
with a conspiracy theorist -as to them- every bit of
evidence under the sun
falls under the umbrella of "conspiracy".

with respect to WMPs, france has recently offered their assistance
should iraq strike with bio/chem weapons.
wasnt it part of their contention that there are no weapons
of mass destruction?


we have a coalition of 40+ nations
iraqi soldiers are surrendering peacefully
civilian casualties are nil

wheres the racism? wheres the carpet bombs?
wheres the slaughter?

maybe just maybe it is about liberation.


who'm i kiddin! were blood eating death suckin americans!!
rah rah death boom bah!
bush is a vampire machine!
he has teeth in the back of his head!
our army are cannibal terrorists and millions
of iraqi babies were slaughtered by noon!

saddam aint bad! hes just misunderstood,
like ferris bueller
all the kids think hes a righteous dude!