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I assume that is for me...

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so allow me to rattle on-

grieving is very normal, a very natural thing to do. Even the animals experience grief. I certainly don't blame anyone for grieving about loss. I've done it myself, and I'm sure I'll do it many more times before I leave may body.

There are many levels of consciousness. Our basic level is one for survival, i.e, food, shelter, clothing. Our levels of consciousness rise like our kundlini... those that reach a level of full-consciousness, altho they are not immune from grief, do understand death as just a transition into another 'dimension', if you will... there is no death only a change. When one can fully understand that one can more fully underestand what living and dying are all about. We are all just transitory beings passing our tests thruout each lifetime in order to attain our oneness with totality.