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before I die

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We are watching the active phase of a plan which has been being concocted by the ultra-right wing for some years now. In the minds of some, we are embarking on the military and political show of force which will establish the ‘pax americana.’

The ‘shock and awe’ campaign is not so much directed at any enemy in Iraq as it is to the entire rest of the world. The message is: “This is what will happen to YOU if you defy the will of the Imperial United States of America.” This is why people are in the streets all across the world today.

The IUSA news media are covering this ‘war’ like it was a sports event. They are interviewing the coaches and giving background on the players and weapons. This program is a commercial for the potency of Imperial America’s military. It’s purpose, besides grabbing oil, is to demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are the new Rome.

If I live as long as I intend, I expect to see Imperial America’s governors in half the countries of the world. And I don’t intend to live long.