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I'm Beat

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I'm not for the war, but my outlook is not as ominous as, oh, Lightning Rod for example. I could be wrong.
I am probably jaded in the sense that, years ago, I concluded that there are powers running the world that I will never attain to, nor do I want to. That's part of the "beat" philosophy as I understand it, like, "I'm beat, man. I look in horror at man's inhumanity to man and I just want to survive. I'm just going to walk down the street anonymously and not look anyone in the eye."
My past is marked more by personal struggles than global concerns, and I long ago decided I am just lucky to have my little house and family. There are probably people on this website who would say that I underestimate my ability to make positive changes in the world.

Long ago I wanted to extricate myself from this tangled world and live in a shack like Henry David Thoreau. But one grows tired. I want electricity. I want gasoline. I want a comfortable bed. I need my job even though it is frought with red tape and I sometimes feel that we are hurting some of the people we are there to help. But me quitting my job wouldn't really help those people because some other bureaucrat would come along and take my place. What does this have to do with the war in Iraq? Well, I guess it's because a part of me really believes that George W. has our best interests in mind. When the "human shields" went to Iraq, the first thing Suddam Hussein did was station military troops right next to them. Why couldn't he have worked with us?

I contradict myself sometimes. Sue me, I'm human. Because at the beginning of this piece I expressed my belief that there are powers that fight to control everything on a level I will never attain. The history of the world is one bloody land-grab after another. I don't have to give a history lesson here. The love of money is the root of all evil. U2's song "New Years Day" paraphrases the Bible when it says, "So you say this is the golden age; Gold is the reason for the wars we wage." Gold, money, oil - all the same.
I need to figure out what I can do to help the world become a peaceful place and I'm open to suggestions.