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We have gone to War in the name of Peace

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Let us add our voice to the choice
to see things right,
clear the must out of the mind attics
of Rational Men, wipe the
the dust from fanatic implications.
Let us fight for the plight of
merchants and wanderers, refugees,
peacekeepers, treatise writers.

We have gone to War in the name of Peace.
This is insanity. Pray with me, please.

This is Medieval Madness, media-sized.
Our eyes are fed blurred images
by absurd Recognizance Portrayers,
Power Mongers. Thugs. Pogo was right.
We have met the enemy and they is us.

The Gladiators are in the Pit.
Can evolution advance us or
will we murder it?
Who really hit the Towers?
Whose Power is out of control?
Will we stay in a trance,
or be bold and awaken
to the terrorist attacks
we have taken?

Let us be Wise. This is War.
Let us deplore it, rise
to say no more.

When Anonyms become Synonyms,
When Offense is called Defense,
When we Murder for Peace again and again,
Remember Orwell. This makes no sense.

Let us remember Vietnam, Hiroshima.
Let us remember how far we've come
and where we've gone.
Let us worship Life
like a bounty, a garden,
and tend it.

We have gone to War in the name of Peace.
This is insanity. Pray with me, please.

Let us visit, invite Hope.
Let us not entertain, incite Death.
Let us worship the Breath of Life
and let our statements rest
on a podium, a mic for all
to speak.

There is a Mad Hatter holding a Tea Party.
I have sent my Regrets via e-mail.
There will be a pale moon rising soon
to greet the wail of cold flesh
fresh blood bled, body bags
coming home because of bombs thrown
first. There are Thrones proclaimed,
Kingdoms named in Vain circumference
of redundant phrases. Amassed threatens
of vast revulsion.

Nearer to Virtue than Guilt is the way.
My knees plead, bent, kneel to worship
the value of the Human Soul.

We wander in trying to see through
perception. There is no immunity
to the disease of War.

As if the beat of words could make
a difference. I take
the worry of the World
in the inference
of my own verbiage.
I discover the curvature
of Sunspace. I appeal
to the Universe
to reverse this