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The Social Lie (an essay by a friend)

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This is something a friend of mine wrote a while back. Call it the Social Lie Pt. 2

If everyone was given the same opportunity and we were all educated, we would discover many truths for ourselves, things we sometimes now don’t realize until we’re at the end of our lives. But if we all had these insights and could see what is really better for us and better for
everyone, we would no longer be reliant upon the people who make money off our lives now. These are the massive corporations, and even the neighborhood liquor store.

To keep us uneducated and, hence, un-unified, they (corporate interests, theologians and the politicians who are the puppets of them both)design our lives around this idea of nationalism, so we’re born not trusting and
despising most of these other flags. And this, of course, fosters the feelings of racism, which evolves into classism. It's a brilliantly designed and time-tested theory to watch and follow. It’s an ongoing process
where there’s this uneven divide between various segments of society, and because they can’t understand each other’s way of life, they don’t trust it.
Not at all. They hardly trust their own life. So, they throw their displaced trust into the pulpit of politicians and only succeed in setting themselves up to be sincerely let down.

Because if they could trust themselves (and if everyone trusts themselves, they would in turn trust each other), they could go with their intuition. They could use this freedom, free of our corporate and political
distractions, to unlock themselves from their mind. And when we can do that,and feel nice, and like who we are, and like who everyone else is, when we can all do that, we won’t need to listen to their laws. We won’t need
to wear their clothes and drive their cars. We won’t need to drink their beer. There will be no money to be made. And all we'll have is each other, and all we'll need is ourselves.

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