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What else can I say?

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The war is in progress. There is no turning back...on either side. Dubya vs Saddam. Prime time stuff. My vote is for Team America/Britain/Australia, (ABA). This is the most highly covered war in media history. The press loves it and the world loves to watch. It's humankinds fascination with the tube...(we spend a lotta time lookin' at the monitor, don't we?)

I do not want to have a number-game going toward bodybags, on any side. It would evoke a lot of sadness to witness a line up of dead bodies in matching bags draped with the flag of their country. I wish all the people involved to live as long as they can, "spit shit in the eye of death."

But the big draw is the massive amount of armaments and their brutal and destructive force. When one of those big fuckers goes off - wham!, the big-bang-boom. And those colors...brilliant - a kinda '2003 Overture'. The drama of the blasts overpowers not only the senses but the emotions. It makes the heart beat faster and stronger...bip..bip..bip... listen to that beat. Feel that beat. Live that beat.

There's a Badman in Baghdad...and the Texas Ranger is out on the desert plains. See that full moon. "Gotta get that man outta the neighborhood. He's a real trouble maker," I heard him say. Big fuckin' silver-star badge, engraved with GWB, with "dubya" scrolled across the back.

"But people are dying!" i heard it said. Why does the sun set, why did the earth quake, the volcano erupt, the winds flatten the trailer park...? Death comes in many ways. And every death is personal. Makes no difference how you die - you just die. Fucking die. It's a crime but change is inevitable. If everything were what we would deem "perfect", we'd be bored shitless after a year or so. Man would stir up some trouble, (like the Baghdad Badman), and piss somebody off. That would eventually escalate until there's an explosion - BAM !!, all hell breaks loose. The still waters were getting stagnant. If life were to survive, the water had to be movin'... movin'...flowin'.... because life is changin'. A time to play the wealthy, a time to fight some war, a time to fuck your brains out, and a time to rest your ass.

The energy used to hate is wasted. That much energy could be used in many beneficial ways. Hating your enemy is not a good way to enter into combat. Respect for the individual will bring a better balance to dodge mortal combat. A winner must stand alone. Hatred needs someone else.

What will the world, this accusatory climate we are embroiled in, bring forth? Who can be trusted with the truth at a time like this? If truth ain't for all, walk cautiously... you might be lied to. There is no truth in that. Truth has no questions.

Molecular forms engaged in disassembly of each others nuclei. That too is a reality. Our own eyes are capable of limited vision. So to our ears...they can only receive a certain frequency range. And our smells, our touch, our taste. All our senses are limited to certain ranges. If they were any louder, or any softer, our other senses would either increase or decrease. We are humans. The universe I been told is extraordinarily noisy. But if we heard it daily, we would go mad. These molecular forms identified as 'humans' are born/created with certain limitations, just like all life forms, each unique to its existence. Death on that level is just disassimilation... changing into other forms. But the power is always. Eternal.