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them and us, in and out, up and down

Posted to Poetry and Politics

There was an interesting time in my life when I felt I was being invited inside the "ruling elite". This was probably the period, in the early 90's, when I was working at the headquarters of a Wall Street bank and everybody loved me and I kept getting promotions and raises and could do no wrong.

I left this world behind happily, but not with any dramatic flourish. The main reason I left was that I couldn't stand wearing suits every day. The itchy collars just knocked me out of the running, and I ditched Wall Street to be a web jockey and remain the plebe I was born to be.

But being invited in did give me a certain perspective. Which is kind of like the perspective Wayne and Garth depicted (I'm not sure if it was Wayne's World I or II) when they got backstage at an Aerosmith concert and then discovered, as all people do the first time they get backstage, that once your backstage you're not really backstage. You're in "outer backstage". And getting from "outer backstage" to the real backstage is even harder than getting backstage at all. And really the best seats are the ones out there in the stadium with everybody else.

I guess what I mean is, I really don't believe this ladder of access and availability is as powerful as it might seem to be. If it was, they would have never let a guy like me anywhere near the front door.

-- Levi