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your patriotism is beautiful and foolish...

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you think this is all so fucking black and white?!?!

ha! - "courageous president"! HA!

wake the fuck up. bush is a feeble minded puppet who is too dim to even realize the horror of what he's taking part in.

consider WHY certain parts of the world have anti-america sentiment: because of the USA's horrendous foreign policies. because of the fact that a fat, comfy first world can't survive without ruthlessly exploiting the less fortunate countries of the world.

why do people so readily gobble up the "pro-usa" propeganda which the american government shovels?!?! DAMN, people, start learning a little more about what you're spewing and take a more critical perspective.

yes, pray for the troops. they're stomping a country which didn't even visibly provoke them.

how the hell does bush get away with all these speeches using "god bless america" and "god is on our side"?!?!?! it's preposterous to bring spirituality into such an arena. is allah not as good and fair as christ?!?!? does your christ not bless iraq?!?!?

how about praying for the tens of thousands of civilians which have died and will die with all the brutish army movements which are all essentially about economics.

this isn't about borders and terrorism and religion. it's about the economic elite's fear. all the other stuff, although occaisionally harboring merit, is a necessary smokescreen.

open your goddamned eyes.

you've been to the middle east?!?!? you talk like you know nothing!!! the groups of hate mongers you use to describe "the middle east" are minorities, rebel groups! in north america we have plenty of hateful, ignorant bastards who plan all sorts of terrible shit, but do we base our ideas of culture around them!??! you closeminded fool, some of my best friends are beautiful, loving, kind, peaceful palestinians, israelis, jordanians, and members of the UAE. if you want to point fingers at people who hate because of their fears and ignorance, examine your government.

peace and brothership is easy in the world. it just requires education, and a little awakening on the parts of the greedy individuals who think happiness is based on fast cars, foolish sports, and breast implants. consumerism and commercialism have sacrificed a planet for personal material gains.