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agreed just as sarcasm

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and I was being sarcastic while also being serious. Time's like these need people expressing themselves however in general people express their opinions when their assholes shouldn't be shown. We assume our opinions are truths and reality which isn't always the case.

Let's say someone walks up to you and starts telling you racist jokes because it's their opinion that people of other than your's and the speaker's race are inferior sorry folk then you're not going to sit still for it. You don't want to hear it then. Expressing an opinion is now unhealthy. I guess what I'm saying is don't show your asshole until you should show it.

In this environment, I think most of us are freely showing are assholes and gladly scoping everyone else's. This is an appropriate place to do so. So remember here it's a joke, in the real world we should all practice it to some extent. And when we need to we should all MOON the entire world.

Now there's your perfect protest. You get a million people together and moon the world's media they show it to everyone on this globe and you go home. The day the moon(s) stood still. Or at least the day that Earth had more moons than Jupiter.