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about 6am london time marines encounter strong resistance

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20 miles south of Basra(sp?) pulling back advancing to the rear, (trying to get out of range of what is coming next I suppose)
meanwhile I am fortunate enough to have a hell of a toothache to distract me just enough from the suffering of others and take care of myself in these exciting times, you be suprised how easy it is for an old fart like me to die, walk around in the cold rain catch a chill, smoke two packs of cigs a day have a blood sugar of 500

been listening to NPR and BBC, bbc coverage was live, try to catch just amazing how them limey's can be so brave so cool so polite with hell fire coming down you can hear the sound of it in the background he says "pardon me I will just run back to that bunker" then you here him running but still talking "the marines are pulling back"