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levi's theory on conspiracy theory

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make up reality to suit your self

like writing a novel

like saying there is only one god: ie

(conspiracy is the ONLY reality...always has been, thats
why you CANNOT see it...precisely because it is hidden
from view; you have to look past the mundane; you have to see beyond the layers of crap we are fed from the time we are born, but hey; if you want to live in a fake Disneyland reality of one shooter( Kennedy) go right ahead)....

its not a baseball game world...its a world of complex
and sinister forces moving in a Maciavellian maze of light
and dark; chess pieces carved out of life and death, kafakaesque to the max...Nietzsche said: "what you don't know can destroy you"...i suggest you take that into consideration next time you make flippant remarks
about conspiracy theories; ONE has to sift through the bullshit, but under the vener of governments and powers that be, are the real players, that doesn't mean
latch onto some far fetched wild conjecture, one only has to be like a dectective with a good magnifing glass,
to begin to decern patterns in the matrix; it takes a clear head and a will to find the truth buried under the mountain of distortion, and illusion.

ideas are not creamcheeese that you smather on a onion bagel...dude!...even though you think like a writer,
so do i; but that is WHY i surch for data on the 'gray room'...think tanks and star chambers; are behind the
events; lurking just beyond the headlines and the smigen of news they allow us to see...dig deeper!