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here's a little glimpse at my day yesterday

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after the protest, i was at the bus stop around 8pm standing next to a beautiful woman, depressed and cold, when all of a sudden, some fat bastard comes staggering down the road and screams, "R! B! D!" then comes level with where i'm standing, "ya fuckin loonies!...bunch a traitors!" then he goes up to a kid at the bus stop, "are you a peace protester?"
are you a peace protester? eh?! are you?!"
"well that's no in ma fucking name!" then he backed off looking smug "when will you realise that YOU'RE the fuckin minority?...nobody wants a fuckin war but why don't you support the troops? this anti-war stuff, yer fuckin traitors!...I'm pro-america, pro-fuckin uk...the war's started, where are you? why you not protesting now? (the 4 hour protest, blocked the traffic through glasgow and finished 10 minutes ago)...why've you no got yer banners and get on the fuckin news at ten?...It should've finished twelve year ago...ya fucking traitors!"

all i could think about was how apt it was that a guy as wasted and crazy-drunk as him could make arguments as eloquantly as all the smug arseholes that walked sober past me while i was lying in the middle of the road, telling me to get a job, or as eloquantly as any coward i've heard looking to hid behind the most powerful army the world has ever seen, wanting to admire an organisation close to equalling the power and horror of the roman empire.

yesterday, tommy sheridan (leader of the scottish socialist party, the only MSP who constantly lobbies for the poor and against the facists) spoke, i tried to write it down as he went, but, unfortunately it was too quick, i was too cold and i had a bummed cigarette on the go...i cannot do this man's skill at speaking and what i believe is honesty and integrity any justice...but i figure you should know a snippet of what he said, even if you will be left put it this way, while he was speaking i stopped feeling cold;

"let's make saturday a huge demonstration brothers and sisters! let's ignore the claptrap that now the war's started it is time for us to shut up...brothers and sisters it is immoral for a peace movement to halt when the wagon of war finally starts moving...let's increase the process to let the boys and girls in our military know whe do support them, that's why we demand they be brought home now!"

that was a tiny part of my day yesterday...i've been too tired to write the rest