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It's true

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But I don't have a link. I will try and find you one but I am on holiday at the moment visiting a sick friend and I return home tomorrow morning so it might take a period of time before I can find a link and post it.
There did use to be a post on this board about the petition, and at that time it was current news (about 3 or 4 weeks ago, at a guess) and the link could be found fresh on a number of news sites at that time, unfortunately that post has been removed from this site, possibly because it was a response to a delted post or something?
Anyway, what I can tell you, until I find a new link, is that the petition was handed to a uk political representative (who was accompanied by un officials) and was handed over by some internal iraqi opposition group who had smuggled it out of the country.
If I recall correctly it was handed over in the middle east somewhere (Possibly Jordan?) and was briefly mentioned by the us administration at the time.
The whole incident was captured by tv crews (although it recieved little news time) and the document has been checked for authenticity and was accepted as such by numerous groups and nations (including many in the 'peace' coalition)
I will try to get a link for you, but as I explained earlier you might have to wait a while for it. I certainly won't be able to post it before next week.
Incidently there is a second petition of similar size by Iraqis in exile calling for the same thing.