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I drove a bright red Chevy Cavilier. Nice. Had some power. It was a rental because someone had hit mine.
Automatic is kinda cool when you've been driving five-speed so long. Zipping around the half-finished streets, tires bobbling in & out of the multiple grooves carved by some earth moving machine. But not finished.

"You should be even more into politics," said Mark.

"man," I said, "I'm stuck in the glory days of Mayor Jake Godbold and Lynrd Skynrd!"

We high-fived. Mark said, "HeeHEEEE!" and cracked open a couple of miniature tequilas.

I think it went like this. When I came to Jacksonville, Fl in 1975 the Mayor was Jake Godbold, and I still remember him up on the stage at the Coluseum, introducing the Rossington-Collins Band (a pure derivitive of Skynrd), with Southern girl Dale Krantz belting out vocals and Mayor Jake Godbold introduced them by the name of their new hit.

"Ladies and gentlemen, It's Prime Time!"

Rednecks dancing and kids horseplaying and bikers and rockers and country couples.

After Jake Godbold was Tommy Hazouri, who blew up the stupid toll booths as a public display of good-ol-boy-ism, and HEY, I mean that in the best way possible. Hazourie brought in a more mainstream kind of fun. He got rid of the much hated toll booths on the Matthews bridge and actually blew one up in a ceremony. Not much happened for a while.

After Hazourie, the present Mayor is John Delaney, a Republican. but very effective in turning Jacksonville into a big metropolis. The Super Bowl is coming here. I'm not saying I care, I'm just reporting.

Now that Delaney's terms are over, about seven people have signed up to run for Mayor. One of them is Nat Glover, the current Sheriff of Jacksonville. I voted for him for Sheriff and he's done a good job. I believe he's the first Black Sheriff of Jacksonville. Now the big surprise is, Tommy Hazouri had also decided to run, but in a dramatic turn of events, he pulled out in support of Nat Glover. Class move, I say.
I like Glover and may vote for him. Before I decide, I want to hear who John Delaney likes. Because I think Mayor John Delaney has done a lot for this town and I applaud him. I want to know who he endorses.

But in the meantime, you know, we are seeing woods disappear. Snakes came up on the sidewalks at work becuase they had nowhere else to go. A new subdivision was next door. But the people IN the subdivision are real nice. So I don't blame them.

KONA skateboard ramp off a side street now on national TV with my wife and kid right there on the screen as the camera panned the crowd.

Limp Bizkit.

I like Limp Bizkit. I like 'em a lot. I saw them at the free Napster show they did here in Jacksonville a year ago where we had to stay out all night with a bunch of other cool people to get the free tickets! It was great. My wife, her cousin, her brother, me, and her brother's girlfriend.

I can say MOSH PI !
And, I saw them about three years before that, up at Spikes Dog House on University Blvd, when they were just starting out, and they were good then.

"Where you from, again, soldier? Jacksonville, North Carolina?"

"NO. NO, Sir. LYNRD SKYNRD, Sir. And the Superbowl! And in 1958 they filmed scenes from Revenge of the Creature (From the Black Lagoon). Jacksonville, Florida!"

"AH," the man said. "Some good seafood there! and Naval Station Mayport."

The End